Waterproof Hairline/Root/Gray Hair Coverage Powder


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We would all love to permanently hold back the hands of time, however as time passes, aging is inevitable. Seems like one day we look in a mirror and realize our hair has thinned, our hairline began receding and more than we can count grays have snuck in to make a home on our heads. Thinning hair, receding hairline, grays are part of a reality many must face. Let’s embrace our humanity and use readily available products to our advantage. Sue’s Collection introduces waterproof Hairline powder available in 5 colors :

  1. Dark blonde
  2. Auburn
  3.  Black
  4. Dark Brown
  5. Light Brown

With a fast pace life, dying our hair can take time. Hairline Powder from Pouf Hairdos can help retouch your roots temporarily, cover those grays until your next hair dye session

Got a few grays you want to cover up without dying your entire head of hair, go for it with Hairline powder you can do that too.

Certain areas receding against your will? Use Hairline Powder from Pouf Hairdos to fill in those thinning areas

Feel free to use Hairline powder from Pouf Hairdos to fill in parts of your receding hairline

Feel free to use to enhance your eyebrows for a more defined look


Dark Blonde, Auburn, Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown


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